Funding Our Future...Together! Your financial support of the Franklin School of Innovation is critical for us to continue to serve our students!

Goal - 100% of our families, Board, Faculty & Staff contribute to the Funding Our Future Annual Campaign

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Funding Our Future...Together!

2017 Funding Our Future Annual Campaign

As a charter school committed to continuous improvement, fundraising will always be part of our budgetary process. FSI receives public funds for the administrative costs of school operations such as teacher salaries, learning materials for students, utilities and similar facility operating costs. However, we do not receive public funds for capital expenses, which is a significant part of our annual budget. We need to raise money to support things like:

  • Buses - $5,000 to purchase and $10,000 to maintain, fuel & operate per year
  • Pave our road - $42,000
  • Support our new Band Program - $14,000 per year
  • Provide scholarships for our students to go on field trips like the Adventure Trek in Pisgah, white water rafting, etc.

We are asking you, our FSI families, to give to the best of your ability at a level that demonstrates the value you place on choosing The Franklin School of Innovation. Our goal is 100% participation from our families, faculty and staff and the Board of Directors.

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